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There’s a lot of talk in the industry about Identity Resolution as the next generation of marketing infrastructure. But to us, it’s nothing new. We’ve spent the last decade building an authentic identity graph–not a customer database, not a relational database–a true graph encompassing online and offline aspects, as well as digital identifiers, all focused around the individual. We can confidently and accurately support omnichannel marketers, providing resolutions in a matter of milliseconds.

What is a Graph?

A graph is a collection of nodes and edges, where the nodes are contact fragments and the edges are the connections between them. A grouping of nodes and connected edges represents a person, formed in the graph.

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What is FullContact’s Identity Graph?

Our graph consists of contact information including names, postal addresses, Placekey IDs, raw and hashed email addresses, phone numbers, and Mobile Ad IDs (MAIDs). We connect data fragments of an individual to build a whole-person picture. This includes both personal and professional identities and hundreds of marketing attributes about a person which can be queried by the graph to identify the individual person from the billions of people in the Identity Graph:

Over 50 billion
Identity Fragments, encompassing:

  • Hashed email and clear text email
  • Mobile Ad IDs
  • Postal Addresses (Business and Personal)
  • Placekey IDs
  • Social Identities (Business and Personal)
  • Phone Numbers (Business and Personal)


US Terrestrial addresses

Over a billion
Mobile Ad ID devices tracked with continuous refreshes

100s of millions
of phone numbers

Over 2 billion 

Social accounts

As individuals constantly evolve–moving between locations, getting new cell phones, resetting their Mobile Ad IDs, changing their name, etc–our graph evolves with them, learning over time to recognize who someone is even as their identifiers may change. With a dynamic and evolving person graph from diverse input data, simply seeing that some identity fragment is connected to a person does not alone deem it trustworthy! To account for this, we invented a confidence algorithm to efficiently and accurately measure an identity’s trustworthiness.

Our Confidence scheme for ensuring accuracy and robustness is baked into the core of what actually makes up a person. The graph platform allows for learning and logic between identities in a way traditional databases simply do not. And depending on what you want to use our Identity Graph for, you can tune the confidence levels to get the desired results on a request-by-request basis.

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Our Graph is SMARTER

Everything we do is person-first, and we are continuously learning and evaluating our methods. Being smarter means leveraging a modern technology stack (including Spark, GraphX, HBase, Kubernetes, Cassandra and Kafka) and blending intelligent patented processes and algorithms with our Human in the Loop process interrogating and validating the accuracy of our graph, with the capability of an augmented evaluation by our Data Research Team.

Our focus is accuracy. The confidences are constantly evaluated through different types of contact elements, the trustworthiness of the sources, and the number of connections. By leveraging FullContact’s unique Human in the Loop process, we apply human intelligence to augment our workflows and act as a differentiator to normal computer-based workflows. This helps further make logical sense of data connections, allowing for custom solutions, and expands our capabilities to continually evaluate and test our confidences in a way no one else does.

We designed our Identity Graph to be re-built from scratch from the hundreds of billions of data points, and to be capable of evolving in both real-time and batch ways as people’s data change. The relationship between brands and people should be more meaningful than a single identifier. That’s why we match and provide insights and identifiers about the whole person.

We were honored to be named one of the Top 300 API Innovations in 2019. And we continue to receive and apply for patents, including:

  • U.S. Patent Number US10445371 – Identity Resolution
  • U.S. Patent Application US20170286565A1 – Relationship Graph
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Our Graph is FASTER

Real-time results get you the information you need exactly when and where you need it to impact your customer experience. We’re able to service requests across billions of input identifiers as well as recompute our Identity Graph from hundreds of billions of observations in a matter of hours. This allows us to service customers and partners via APIs with standard JSON payloads in less than 150 milliseconds to provide the most current and accurate data available. In the spirit of parity, our batch process can process hundreds of millions of your records within a day, joining each record to the graph to help you understand your customers better.

We pride ourselves in our ability to turn files around quickly. Where most implementations are completed within a week, our automation works on the order of hours. We have infinite ability to scale–no dataset is too big!

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Our Graph is EASIER

Ease of integration has always been a focus at FullContact. Because if you can’t easily integrate our products into your system, what’s the point? That’s why we cater to both real-time use cases (i.e. API) and offline processing with large, flat files (hundreds of millions+ large) for companies whose systems prefer these. We are the backbone of supporting a multitude of integrations, where we can resolve down to the individual. We were honored to win API World’s Best in Data APIs for 2018 as a result of having great client libraries, documentation and data.

You can see just how easy our process is by talking to one of our experts, who will get you set up in the next 24 hours.

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Our Graph is SECURE

Given the nature of our work, security is paramount and protecting data is critical to both your and our success. It is our duty to secure personal and sensitive information. This starts from the ground up and is embedded in our culture. We’ve implemented processes and technologies around:

  • Data encryption
  • Controlled access to sensitive data
  • Employee training
  • Rigorous background checks

FullContact invests in and maintains the highest level of data security. We’ve created numerous security measures, activated per-account encryption to keep account-specific information locked up, and added an audit trail for decryption requests. Our engineers built out a specific system to handle all encryption and decryption to minimize the potential for any keys to be leaked. With our usage logs being encrypted, we can support cryptographic wiping at a customer’s request with a simple decryption key deletion, which then makes the encrypted data impossible to read. We created this capability as part of our Private Plan query option, which allows our customers and partners to ensure their queries remain obfuscated and truly “private.”

We’re SOC2 Type II certified, which is considered the most comprehensive certification under SOC protocols. SOC 2 Type II builds on SOC 1, while additionally requiring a third-party audit, standard operating procedures for organizational oversight, vendor management, risk management, and regulatory oversight. To earn this designation, we went through a rigorous evaluation over the course of a year and are actively maintaining its certification.

We take data privacy so seriously that we were poised and ready to comply with CCPA and GDPR requirements. We have chosen to take the stance that these guidelines apply to everyone–not just those individuals who fall under the CCPA and GDPR protections. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do.

We had the pleasure of winning the Advisory Board of Privacy Council Award in 2018.

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