Our Leadership Team

Changing our industry requires change-makers. Our exceptional executive team provides extraordinary SaaS, identity resolution and consumer marketing leadership to our company and our clients.

Chris Harrison


With an engineering approach and decades of experience designing marketing systems, Chris creates emotional connections between brands and consumers.

Kurt Hawks


A seasoned leader with years of sales achievements, he guides our cross-functional teams as well as various client and partner relationships.

Mary Hennen

Vice President, Marketing

Leading all omnichannel marketing initiatives, Mary brings her past media and data-driven campaign success including retail and B2B strategy expertise.

Khristin Dickey

Vice President, Customer Success

Having supervised leading brands for several national marketing organizations, Khristin leads our CS team to sustain the growth and advocacy of each client.

Wesson Liversage

Vice President, Accounting and Finance

Having led various accounting and financial processes for national firms and clients, Wesson deftly guides the day-to-day management of FullContact’s finances.

Michelle Warren

Vice President, Global HR

With her previous corporate HR accomplishments in mind, Michelle guides FullContact’s global HR strategy to make sure the company thrives.

Ken Michie

Vice President, Technology

An experienced builder and orchestrator with a passion for highly scalable systems, Ken leads high-octane engineering teams to ensure the best data experience.

Breigha Pachak

Vice President, Sales

With years of developing trust & innovative marketing solutions to Fortune 500 brands, Briegha’s focus is building identity-based solutions that create value.

Tarun Kanti Bhattacharjee

Vice President, India Operations

Tarun applies two decades of strategic technology leadership experience to constantly improve the quality and strength of our identity graph.

Taylor Williams

Vice President, Client Solutions

With an extensive background in technology and consulting, Taylor has built analytics, data, and measurement solutions for the world's top brands.

Our Board

As with any other board, our members ensure our company's prosperity. They collectively help guide the company's affairs while also meeting the appropriate interests of our shareholders.

Bart Lorang

Co-founder, FullContact

Chris Harrison

CEO, FullContact

Benedict Rocchio

Partner, Baird Capital

Chris Moody

Partner, Foundry Group

Chris Marks

Founder, Managing Director, Blue Note Ventures

Our Investors

We’re on an epic mission. And we couldn’t pursue it without the steadfast support of our well respected local and national investors.

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